Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Paragon has a core group of software engineers with vast experiences ranging from specific processor targeting to multi-processing DSP and microprocessor programming.

Complete Software Development Life cycle
Paragon Engineers are capable in all phases of the software development life cycle. We provide excellent verbal and written communication skills for interfacing with all project stakeholders. Proficient in generating industry standard high-level and detailed artifacts stemming from collaborative efforts with the client. Our engineers utilize test-driven development in conjunction with the latest toolkits and frameworks to ensure high quality software implementations. Extensible and manageable code-bases are created through the use of effective design practices. Experienced in taking on or assisting with full-scale deployments, knowledge transfer and application maintenance.

Database architecture, design and administration
Our engineers have extensive experience in data/entity modeling, normalization, SQL, performance optimization, and decoupling of database design from software implementation. Paragon is familiar with subtle differences in various database products as well as capable of integrating with legacy database systems.

Paragon is also experienced with the utilization of auto-generated code from simulation to flight code for HWIL environments and has developed a systematic approach for use in real-time embeddable software for hardware-in-the-loop and software from commercial-off-the-shelf tools. This approach provides faster than handwritten execution cycle times, in most cases, and is readily manageable from the graphical simulation objects from which the code was generated from.

Paragon engineers are proficient and experienced with the following technologies and languages.

  • – Advanced user interfaces
  • – Process flow and control
  • – Video analytic algorithm development
  • – Data visualization
  • – Sensor Dashboards
  • – Enterprise Portals
  • – B2B/B2C
  • – E-Commerce
  • – Simulation
  • – Analysis Tools
  • – Financial
  • – Notification/Alerting Awareness
  • – Java
  • – Ada
  • – C/C++
  • – Java script
  • – XML
  • – Perl
  • – Python
  • – SOAP
  • – .Net
  • – Matlab
  • – Simulink