RapidSense™ RapidSense™

RapidSense™ is a portable, rugged and highly accurate chemical, explosive and radioisotope detector and identifier. RapidSense™ was specifically designed to meet the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) mission requirements for a next-generation system capable of detecting and identifying varied chemical, explosive and nuclear threats.
The RapidSense™ is easy to use while supplying the operator with quick, simple, specific information for threat assessment. Applications include Customs inspection, border protection, emergency response, and radiological facilities/personnel monitoring.
Portable Chemical Radiation Nuclear and Explosives Detector
Feature Highlights:
• Modular sensor system for deployment on vehicles, vessels and stand-alone applications
• Continuous monitoring with automated remote alerting capabilities
• Fully ruggedized to survive 3ft drop, extreme operating temperatures and water spray
• Automated power-up and connection to our Emergency Operations Dashboard
• Detector operates over WiFi, Cellular or hard-line communication channels
• Simplified Google Earth based user interface on EO Dashboard makes it easy to understand and operate
• Over 100+ Toxic Industrial Chemicals, Toxic Industrial Materials, Explosives sensors available
• Commercial Sodium Iodide (CS) and Commercial Lanthanum Bromide (CL) configurations available for radiation detection and identification applications
• RapidSense™ Battery Pack and tripod available for stand-alone applications
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